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“Because knowing PowerShell is harder than crochet with your grandmother and damn critical to your career.”

Jeff Hicks

PowerShell Guru & Petri Contributor

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  • ENow


    Download this eBook to dive deeper into the main factors that influence Microsoft Teams calling quality, how to use the native Microsoft Teams call quality tools and how you can augment them with simple-to-use and clear dashboards that give you quick access to the key metrics.

    Learn more about ENow
  • Fortra's Alert Logic

    Fortra's Alert Logic

    Fortra’s Alert Logic has been recognized as a “Champion” in Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services by Bloor Research in 2023.

    Learn more about Fortra's Alert Logic
  • ManageEngine


    Log360, ManageEngine’s SIEM solution with integrated DLP and CASB capabilities, detects threats across the length and breadth of an enterprise network, covering endpoints, firewalls, web servers, databases, switches, routers and even cloud sources.

    Learn more about ManageEngine
  • Object First

    Object First

    At Object First, we believe in a world where data is safe and secure, and straightforward to implement and manage, releasing you from the burden of complex data management. We launched Object First to provide the best immutable Backup solution designed explicitly for Veeam using Object-based storage.

    Learn more about Object First
  • PowerApps911


    We offer training courses for Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI! Our courses include hours of training, code snippets, downloadable apps, and more. We have both live and on-demand (self-paced) options!

    Learn more about PowerApps911
  • SkyKick


    Book a demo of SkyKick Security Manager. Your demo will include: Detailed product walk through with a SkyKick rep Pricing – get pricing tailored specifically to your needs Q&A – Ask us anything and get answers

    Learn more about SkyKick
  • Nudge Security

    Nudge Security

    • All SaaS and cloud accounts ever created by anyone in your org
    • First user, all users, MFA coverage, and SSO status for all apps
    • App-to-app OAuth grants, scopes and risk scores

    Learn more about Nudge Security
  • Semperis


    For the first time since 2019, we’re hosting a global HIP conference, in the center of New York, at the Microsoft offices in Times Square.

    Learn more about Semperis
  • Specops


    With Specops, you can block over 3 billion known compromised passwords, enforce regulatory compliance, streamline the password reset process and protect your organization from credentials-based cyber-attack. Download a free, read-only password audit of your Active Directory today.

    Learn more about Specops
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